10 Attractive Dental Tourism Destinations

Updated on Tuesday 09th August 2016

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10-attractive-dental-tourism-destinationsDental tourism has flourished substantially over the past decade. More and more medical tourists are willing to travel in order to save somewhere between 50% - 70% on dental procedures such as crowns, dental implants, dentures, and root canals. In 2012, there was an estimate of 400.000 Americans alone that traveled for cheaper dental care. But before booking a ticket and deciding what types of treatment to undergo, it’s important to determine what the most cost-effective destination for you is based on what country you come from, traveling and accommodation fees and treatment expenses.


1. Mexico

Mexico is the preferred destination for many Americans and Canadians when it comes to dental tourism. The most demanded destinations are Cancun, Tijuana, and Los Algodones. The dentists in Mexico are often schooled in the US, highly qualified and fluent in English. 

The average fee for a dental implant in Mexico is around 550 €, compared to an approximate of 3500$ in the US, while a whitening procedure in Mexico costs around 230€, compared to an estimate of 500-800$ in the States.

2. Costa Rica

This is the second most popular dental holiday choice for Americans and Canadians. A big segment of Costa Rica’s highly qualified dentists is part of the American Dental Association.
An implant procedure in Costa Rica is about 600 €, compared to an approximate of 3500$ in the US, while a teeth whitening procedure in Costa Rica costs around 300€, compared to an average of 500-800$ in the States.


3. Argentina   

Argentina is visited by approximately 1000 people seeking medical attention every month, with dental implants being very common. The country is frequented mostly by US citizens even though it is not that close to the US.

4. Spain

Spain is popular between German, Irish and UK citizens. The crippling financial crisis resulted in a decline in prices, making the country a great attraction for tourists seeking cheap medical attention.

5. Poland

Poland is one of the dominant countries in dental tourism. Most of the people who come to be treated here are Germans. Poland’s clinics offer well-trained dentists, advanced equipment, and very low prices. 
An implant procedure in Poland has a starting price of 800 €, compared to over 1000€ in Germany.


6. Hungary

Hungary is the leading country in Europe in this industry. Most of its patients are from France, Austria and UK. Budapest, Hungary’s capital city is the most wanted destination for dental procedures. 

7. Romania

Romania is the cheapest dental tourism destination of all the western countries. Romanian dental clinics’ fees are by a 20 percent cheaper than Hungary’s dental care services. The dentists are well trained, the procedures are of good quality and people come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, UK, and US for them. 
The average fee for a dental implant in Romania is around 450 €, compared to a starting price of 1600£ in the UK, while a whitening procedure in Romania costs around 230€, compared to an estimate of 400£ in the UK.


8. Malaysia

Malaysia is popular between Australians for its affordable prices. The clinics are equipped with the newest technology and have a wide range of specialists. The country is also worth visiting for its beaches and national parks.


9. Thailand

Thailand is easy to access from all around the world but is mostly sought by Australians. One of the best hospitals in Asia is The Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city. Its dentists are schooled in Japan, Australia, UK and the US. 
The average fee for a dental implant in Thailand has a starting price of 1000 €, compared to 5000-6500€ in Australia, while a whitening procedure in Thailand costs around 300€, compared to an estimate of 1500€ in Australia.

10. India

India’s dental care fees are the cheapest in the world, which makes it the best deal you can get, even if the plane tickets can be quite high. Because it is so cheap, people fly to India from all around Europe and the US. Besides India, there are a few similar destinations worth mentioning: Croatia (very popular amongst Italians), the Czech Republic, Dubai, and the Philippines.

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